What To Expect Here

Sauce: Hizuki Miya amogus

We mainly post about shitposts and rants here just to kill some time. Don't take them all seriously, they're not serious. I started this out of boredom with the help of my second braincell bro to host the domain for me because I don't know how to use the internet. He's also the guy who helps to handle all the technicalities.

Sometimes we do talk about video games and maybe even anime, even though I don't watch them as much.

Oh it goes without saying that this blog is NOT SAFE FOR WORK >:333333 doesn't matter if you're an unemployed stinky NEET living with your mom.

About me (Yaku).

I'm a university student with huge debts towards the bank and repeats a year because I'm too lazy to do my assignments. I hail from the best first-world region that is South East Asia. Thus, I am immune from the FBI (get fucked lol). However, I identify as a 12 human years old chuuni loli who loves eating pancakes and cute stuff and is also a epic gamer girl.

Most video games I play are gachashit with lolis in it because I'm too poor to afford real video games and also I love lolis. I also play the worlds' greatest video game ever Genshin Impact Mobile Bang Bang but not so much these days. My alias is Yaku.

I always sleep at 6am and wake up at 2pm and always missed my classes because university classes are overrated. At least I always do my work on time. Oh wait, I don't lololololol. Sometimes I don't sleep at all because sleep is also overrated. I myself am also surprised why I'm still alive and not going out on adventures with my cute and funny loli party in an isekai world.

I am severely addicted to nicotine and alcohol and methampetamine and cocaine and I cannot live a day without intoxicating my body with these harmful chemical substance. I love cocaine.

Send me cute drugs >:3

Sauce: Alison


No we don't have a Discord server or any form of social media. Discord is for redditors. Fuck off lol.

My twitter is @cocaine_yaku so you can shit on me for my quadruple digits opinions.

Sauce: cyka blyat