Ame aka OMGKawaiiAngel-chan aka KAngel is the most perfectest waifu ever

Ame aka OMGKawaiiAngel-chan aka KAngel is the most perfectest waifu ever
Sauce: 14sky I love ame i love ame i love ame i love ame i love ame where is my ame gf where is my ame gf i need an ame gf a needy streamer overdosed gf REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I think I have a curse where cute girls will avoid procreating with me no matter how dire the situation is or how kind the girl is or how much I force her to. I found this the hard way, just like my cock at the time of happening I mean spiking I mean happening.

However, if I were to theoretically and hypothetically have a super cute super needy super ロリ super gothy super drug-addicted gf just like Ame from the world's greatest interactive visual novel ever made Needy Streamer Overload, I think me and her will live a very happily ever after ending which will make Disney stories look like a shitty Chinese ripoff. I never could've thought that a perfect waifu that is a 100% match for me could ever exist. I would love Ame-chan a lot as much as how much I love ロリs because I love them both and them both are the both in one, which are Ame-chan and her shitty streaming persona are one yet distinctively different.

Sauce: Bebe fumu fumu yes she is like the two coins in the same side of a coin, like the yin and yang of a yinyang, but as one.

Oh my oh lord where can I start talking about how much I want to kidnap my very own bipolar disorder gf that craves attention and approval as much as how she craves seggs and drugs just so I can raise her to be a Kangel, there's just too many.

For starters, she is a very good girl. She wants nothing but P-san, which is actually me. She trusts P-san by a lot because she loves him, so much so that she lets P-san to decide how to spend the day or her entire life and what other decision that she has to make. Hmmmm should I waste 5 hours on Twitter or play a shitty game that I keep dying repeatedly to for 7 hours? I know I'll let P-san decide for me. She's that kind of girl. Hell she even let P-san overdose her and once she turns into a junkie she still trusts P-san. I love feeding her with nothing but drugs and watch her humanity crumble as she slowly turns into a junkie. I did that and got an ending where she gained sentience and wishes to come out of the screen :(

But HMMMMMM there are more than one endings yet they're all bad endings. That is also the reality of having a menhera junkie gf. No matter how good you take care of her, no matter how many pills you shoved down her throat, no amount of humanity will save these kinds of creature because they will always find a way to be miserable. Pathetic.

suas: Eencya Angel fallen from heaven? More like a slut fallen from my cock

[2024 UPDATE]

This post was saved as a draft 2 years ago but was never finished because I'm too busy masturbating to Genshin female girls. And also because Ame hath becometh mainstream. Normies are relating themselves to this avatar of misery yet I have never seen them down a gallon of LSD or let their life decision be made by a pathetic virgin loser. This is all you will get for a post about an unhinged anime girl >:33333

Funny how the word "unhinged" is being thrown around by a bunch of faggots and "females" now to describe themselves after a very small inconvenience.

sos: Ham3Ter hehehegufesofhwerefhefohesfehosfiefh i love gosurori with bipolar disorder who relies on drugs and my cock to live