[NSFW] Death for one, death for all. Holy shit the edge.

[NSFW] Death for one, death for all. Holy shit the edge.
Sauce: Erikku guro warning if youre logged in lol. Im gonna be using his artworks for this blogpost.

Ore no namae wa important janai. Nani ga important ga is what ore wa going to do... Kono sekai ni honto ni fcuking kirai desu. Sara ni, kono kusoningen worms feasting on its carcass. Subete no ore no jinsei ga tada no cold, bitter hatred desu. Sore ni, ore wa zutto wanted to shinjau violently hontoni. Kore ga toki no vengeance and dare mo jinsei ga is worth saving. And ore wa will nakadashi the grave with ningen no dead karada as many as I can. It's time for ore to korosu. And it's time for ware wa to shininarimasu. Ore no genocide crusade, koko kara wa hajimaru. Desu wa. Sex.

In case you didn't get the reference, that cringe monologue is from the game Hatred (2015) but butchered cringely by omea no truly. Hatred was a sad saaaad game about killing people for the sole purpose of being muh pain muh sufferings xdd. You know what would make it good? Girls. Cute anime girls. Cute anime girls doing the deed at her school. Cute anime girls doing the killing instead of a cringe edgelord who looks like he comes from a shitty garage metal band that only does Cannibal Corpse cover by recording his diarrhea explosion sounds.

Do you hate school enough to have the balls to commit le genocide? No you fucking dont lmao fucking virgin loser go masturbate to anime porn while your crush is getting Honkai Star Railed by a nigger

I can't out-edged the Hatred monologue to describe the game I am about to talk about, Morimiya Middle School Shooting (2018 I think), shortened to MoriTyu. The premise of the game is pretty simple. You play as a middle school anime girl with dead parents and bleak outlook on life and you decided to reenact Columbine '99 because youre a miserable pile of shit. Apparently mass killing and school genocide are a common happenings in the game. You know there's seriously something wrong with their education system for this kind of shit to be common. Cough cough FUCKING AMERICA cough cough.

Yeah boo fucking hoo one shit falls apart and now suddenly you suck on Nietschze's dick big fucking deal. Just snort some drugs it's that fucking simple. But I guess le killing is more le satisfying. Basically...

I suffer so everyone must too. The game is made with RPGMaker so you're probably wondering how a game about shooting plays in fucking RPGMaker. Well it's simple. Move with ASDW as usual, shoot with fucking space bar, E to enter aim mode for better accuracy, and a bunch of other controls I dont bother remembering. You are able to throw throwables though. And melee kill. There's a bunch of gameplay on Youtube, go find it yourself. Though. I seriously have no fucking idea what's happening most of the time because of the fucking translations. I can't fucking read moonrunes so I downloaded the English patch and holy fuacks someone used an early prototype alpha version of google translate for this game. I mean look at these,

Some of the dialogues even went out of frame. How the fuck am I supposed to slit my wrist to this? The edginess got lost in translation lmao. But still, despite the clunkiness of the game trying to be a shooter game, it is still playable. Annoyingly weird layout, but playable noneleless. Sex.

look at this shit the mc drew lmao

Humans suck, society is overrated, anime deteriorates our civilization, sex is impossible, real girls dont exist. Why mujst life be about suffering? Why do the pain makes everything else worth it? Cock? Genshin? Tiktok? Tits? Is death truly the means to justify inactions? Should I listen to the cute anime girls telling me to sugondese nuts? No. There's more to life than vtubers. Why wont my cat turn into a cute anime catgirl? Ive been showing her my cock for the past few days. Pain pain pain PAIN PAIN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DONT CUM AT SCHOOL TOMORROW cocks my cock I mean gun

Everyone WILL become my friend...

Anyway, I tried the game for one round, gave up, got horny, and played Genshin with sex mods instead. Now my Hutao wants my cock 24/7. Also, she's not wearing any pants now. Or any clothes at all lol. I should make the lolis naked too. Should you try MoriTyu? Sure, better than Hatred a thousand times because cute anime girls. 9/10 shouldnt have used RPGMaker as the engine. Dont tell anyone you got the raw and the English translated one from me. "oh i dl'd it from a shitty blog that writes cringy fanfics" FUCK YOU REEEEEEEE. Are the links dead? Then go find it yourself I'm not your fucjing mom.

I gotta say though. I love the artstyle of the artist. Minus all the guro of course bruh I aint that edgy to masturbate to chopped up limbs of dead anime girls. I love edgy and depressed anime girls. Or just anime girls in general. Sex.

Game review is a huge pain in the AAASSSSSSSSSS. Why do I have to play it in order to review it????? It has anime girls of course it will be good. Anyway expect more game review lol. Look at these fan vids of MoriTyu I found in an archive of a certain clover image board. There are some animations by the artist too, and some short gameplay. Those who voluntarily participates in the shitty education system really deserves getting massacred.

If you're someone who just stands there crying like a fucking idiot while the shooter is reloading then you deserved to get shot in the head.

Listen to the voices in your head. Go commit mass murder. Kidnap the girl youve been masturbating to and lock her in your basement. No one understands your pain, that's why they must die.

PS: If you're someone from the official Discord community who somehow found this, pls disregard this blogpost and dont spread it. I'll sucky sucky ur dicky dicky uwu. Sex.

You know what's funny about the Discord server? There's a channel that says russia-class but when I opened it, it's just a bunch of pics of hyper-realistic feets of anime girls.

My name is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do... I just fuckin' hate this world. And the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred. And I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving. And I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill. And it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.