[NSFW] Sexually harassing unhinged Magical Girls

[NSFW] Sexually harassing unhinged Magical Girls
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So it's fine for girls to grope the chests of their friends and make out with them like FUCK but if a guy does it, they are automatically labeled as a seggs offender??? So much for equality smh. I tried casually slapping the tits of a female friend of mine as a joke one time, and now I am not allowed to be near females by the authority.

Have you FAGGOTS watched any new anime? Of course you have, you miserable pile of cum. Solo Leveling is overrated, Jiujitsu Cousin is shit, Shitsaw Man is poorly written, none of those shit are worth my time. If you want a real anime, then say your thanks to Kadokawa-sama, for they have graced us with a godly anime that is Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete. Who would've thought, we would still get masterpieces like even with the alphabet propaganda strongly going around.


Oversaturation. That is my thoughts on the current anime industry, filled with the same shit formula over and over again. Isekai, cute romcom with autistic mc and high profile girl, op mc casually conquering females and the world. Where have the old glorious days of weebshit has gone? Down the shitter LMAO. However, this anime changed my cock I mean my mind.

I have never watched it LOL but Ive seen some clips of it on Jewtube and Facebook. It's always the part where the loli waifus are half-naked while making cute noises that makes my pp CAPSLOCKED and bold'd. Honestly speaking I dont know what the anime is about and I dont know the names of the characters lol.

According to Wikipedia, the anime is about an mc who is obsessed with mahou shoujo suddenly becomes the main villain against a group of mahou shoujo. She doesn't want to become evil, so she tried to quit. That is until some kira kira pika pika pyon mahou shoujo came to declare war against her. That's when the mc realized her fetish is torturing the mahou shoujo in a questionable way. So basically a bunch of mahou shoujo vs a group of villain in an all out lewd battle in skimpy outfits. Fuck man how many more times should I say mahou shoujo. Is this what ultimate anime writing looks like? No, it's just a plot mainly to showcase half-naked underaged magical waifus getting sexually harassed by another half-naked underage magical waifu. And it is good. Do you know why it's good? Because we finally got something new and refreshing that dares to showcase BARE LOLI SKIN EVERY FUCKING EPISODES with them MAKING CUTE UNYA UNYA NOISES. SIDE TITS, BARE ASS, THIGHS, MOTHER FUCKING LOLI FEETS. When was the last time we got an anime SO LEWD, it's MASTURBATABLE??? Redo of Healer doesn't count, it's a shitty edgy isekai. Ishuzoku Reviewers I guess??? I should read the manga for that. Keijo? Idk how old is that shit goddamn lmao.

That's right, I am horny. I am BEYOND salvation. Everyday I pray to every single Gods in existence so that I will be reincarnated as the mc so I can fulfill my dream to become a sexual harasser mahou shoujo.

I have not and will not watch this coomer anime for those that are beyond saving, but I highly recommend this shit, especially to those who are sick of all the copy-pasted formulas anime. This shit, this fucking shit right here, this will remind you of why anime thrived in the first place, of why Japan became the country of SEX despite the dwindling birth rate. Normies and bandwagoners are seething because this anime is too lewd.

Sauce: Youren117 a very intimate SEX of literally me and my loli

I give this anime a rating of lolisex out of ten mindbroken lolis. If only Japan keeps doing this. Mahou Shoujo site anime sucks, 90% of the time it's just the mc cumming from her eyes. Just read the manga.

I reinstalled Shingen Pactim again. There is still no sex update.

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