Super Secluded Bar For The Super Ordinary Protagonists! - Prologue

Super Secluded Bar For The Super Ordinary Protagonists! - Prologue
Kuroneko Douji

I thought working at a bar is just a small walk in a park. One that would let me laze around most of the time while looking like a classy extravagante (I dont know if that's even a real word lol).

" what you're saying is, the Demon King teleported you here by mistake?"

It sounds hard to believe, but that's what this medieval knight-ish looking person said. And to me, that's the tamest I have heard compared to all the other customers I have had before.

"Surely it has to be a mistake! This tavern of yours is nothing like my kingdom has to offer! Not even the King of Kings possess such luxury! And the drinks you serve, it has to be the most premium beer I have had!"

"Oh that? That's a cocktail, not a beer. Don't your "kingdoms" serve cocktails?"

"Hm? Are you saying that this drink is made up of the tail of a cockatrice?"

"Uh no. Just enjoy it"

"That I will, humble tavern maiden. Though, tis a shame you own such a spectacular tavern and yet, there is only me to enjoy such hospitality."

Don't believe anything this knight girl said, this bar of mine that's not really mine is just a shitty place for drunkards to drink their sorrow out and maybe even trick vulnerable girls into having sex with them.

Is what I would like to say but this bar is located in the deteriorating city of Saiba in an alleyway that takes like 7 turns and is blocked with the kinds of people you dont want to mess with.

"O humble maiden! Another "shot" of Cock Island please!"

"Long Island! Dont get so vulgar! Can you even pay for these drinks?"

For some reason this bar has never gotten a normal let alone frequent customers. We always attract the weird kinds. And for some God knows what reasons, some of these customers aren't even from.... here. It's like something is messing with the space-time property of the door.

"I will pay with my service, upon my name as-"

"Yeah yeah I get it, you can't pay. Jeez getting weird customers is one thing, but can't I get a customer that CAN pay?"

Natsuki Iori

The year is 3024. Us humans haven't explored the space like in all the sci-fi movies. But we sure know how to screw up each other bad. I think a few millenias ago they called this era "cyberpunk" or something. Haven't heard that in a while. It looks good, but actually living in one makes death looks so much better. Remember costs of living? Upper class privileges?  Yeah we have those times a hundred. It's like they're trying to make us lower classes fight each other to death except in a boring way.

"I have had my fill of your servings, maiden. I must go now, for there is only I to stop the Demon King."

"Good luck, weird medieval girl~"


Me and the automated door bid our farewell to her as she takes the door out to her world. At least that's what I hoped, never bothered checking if they've actually returned.

This is the 3rd month of me being a bartender here and she is.... I haven't been keeping up. Probably the 8th customer from a different world? Whatever. At least I get my pay from this shitty job.


Looks like there's another customer. Business is booming apparently.

"Where.... is this?"

Well she looks like she had just died. But judging from that skimpy and colorful outfit, she must be a magical girl. No matter, I don't get to pick my customers. With that said,

"Welcome to the Valkyrie's Rest~"

Editor's Note

So I wanted to try something different that's not cringe but also kinda is in a Wattpad kind of way. So I decided to do this series. If you think it's shit then my cock is welcomed for you to suck.

Ive been wanting to make a visual novel for a long time now and has had a bunch of ideas for it. Thing is, I'm too lazy to actually learn how to do it and learning proper storytelling so this shit is all you will get. Hey at least I dont use ChatGPT to write my stories. Unlike a thousand other writers out there LMAO.

Look forward? Idk lol. Cock Yaku, out!