Bocchi the Autistic Cumslurper

Bocchi the Autistic Cumslurper
Sauce: urin She saw your cock smol

Did you know minors are the easiest to manipulate into consented secks? Just spam compliments on everything they do and they'll spread their puberting legs for your COCK to ram and cum to stain. They havent experience gaslighting and manipulation too, so make that and your wrinkled cock a first to them. Please dont tell anyone that I told you this.

But how do I know????? Idk never tried it before (I did and thats how I rape your sister with consent, but from me). Anyway there's this one stupid anime that's literally a ripoff of K-On except with a variety of they/them hair colors. Apparently it has been crowned the anime of the century, a successful sex successor to K-On, and almost surpassed Genshin Titspact in terms of lewds. Actually nah lol it'll take another autistic gacha for that, like FGO.

I have not and will not watch Bocchi the Fuck because it looks cringe. The mc reminds me too much of myself because she is the embodiment of the spectrum. Her autism transcends the space-time continuum to the point where she can glitch out of reality. However, despite her omnipotence, she is too autistic to control it. The anime, from what I have seen from memes and the lewds of her big tits, is about a school band where they make songs except Bocchi is too autistic and the anime mainly showcases her sperg. The band, called Kessoku Band, makes up of 4 bitches each with a different genre of personality fitting for the cock of different kind of mental illness.

Sauce: Ban these are the HKG Tea Time of the anime, a bunch of sluts who has a great fascination towards Bocchi's autism

There's the blue-haired fuck named Ryo, I usually see the "literally me" incels claim this slut as their waifu. Probably because of the amount of cool aura she emits. It's as if she's the waifu version of Ryan Gosling. I think shes the bassist because everyone calls her the racist bassist. Yeah all Japanese people are racist, it's not exclusive to waifus.

The yellow slut is Nijika I believe, a surface level beginner entry waifu with a typical moe moe kyun personality. That probably means all the porn of her are either vanilla shit or violent ugly bastard rape. Apparently shes the drummer, which means shes good at handling cocks with utmost violence. I think shes also Bocchi's therapist who helps her to get used to "socializing".

Then there's the redhed Kita, who is the personification of every single aidoru mc compressed into one hot cock gobbler. Because of that, shes the voice of the band while practicing her fingering skill by being a rhythm guitarist. I really have nothing else to say about this female, shes just too generic. And so is everyone else.

And finally there's the highlight of this shitshow, the whore that made this generic show a hit, Bocchi. She has a pink hair, what more do you want me to say? With a pink jacket nonetheless. Pink hair is peak sluttiness, no matter what kind of character is wearing it. And Bocchi here is not only a not exception, but she may as well be the fuck to slut all the cocks. Her sluttiness plus her autism makes her a premium edition talking onahole that makes cute down syndrome sounds when you play A minor on her V major with your D minor. I think shes the kind who would pass out upon seeing an erect cock lol.


I think all these whores are gay with each other lol. That makes violating them even more satisfying. Ehueueghheuhegghh Ryo futanari impregnation the band. Futabu band.

But you know what's funny? This anime was so much of a hit towards all the braindead current coomer weebs, that they actually went and buy expensive guitar for them to learn. Trying to learn the way of the retard with a fucking musical instrument from a shitty ripoff anime. And you know what's even funnier? They would put their instruments up for sale because they gave up on learning it. That's not something I can make up because I can only think of cocks and naked lolis. Some would scratch the basic and then turn the instruments into a vacuum cleaner but that's about it. Weebs this generation are a huge fucking joke. Just a bunch of huge cock stroker that are either femboys or people who cope on living by watching sigma videos everyday and then feel good about themselves.

Fufufufu~ Unlike me, I actually go out to talk to girls to woo them with my gigachad alpha rizz so I can consentedly secks them. Horny talk aside, I believe Bocchi the cock fucker is just another generic highschool band anime where they do cute shit to make the viewers go uwaahh kawaii~

Sauce: Kazukingu eheheh hit my balls with that bass pls as hard as possible pls SUCK MY TESTICLES PLS

I do like this drunk oneesan though. Shes a loli college student who is never sober throughout the entire show. Hehehehehe shes pretty cute too. I can relate to her alcoholism and her addiction towards nicotine. It's like me except lolis. I too am always drunk throughout my entire cringe compilation.

Sauce: Deerwhisky idk why people loves drawing her borderline horror lol. Especially with the added secks

I rate this shitfuck of a show a female cock out of 10. Too overrated too generic and also too gay and unrealistic. Females who are capable of playing musical instruments? What an unoriginal fucking joke. The only instrument they can play is their infection ridden coin slot. K-On was much more better. Reject autism, embrace cute girls. With autism.

I have recently gotten back into Genshin Impact and I may or may not have regretted my choice. Furina may or may not be a male. Either way, rape.

Sauce: 45