How to express your dissatisfaction - The purely educational way

How to express your dissatisfaction - The purely educational way
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How to make dry ice bomb

This is one of the most simple bombs to make.  It is used for many different things.  If your just out having fun take a two liter soda bottle and fill it three quarters with water.  Then take a piece of dry ice and crush it.  Put just enough to make a layer at the bottom of the jug.  Now cap it and run! You wil have about 10 to 15 sec before it detonates.  It will make quite a boom!  I set of a car alarm 30 - 40 feet away with one of these!  Now if you are in a war or need one for self defense you can do the same procedure exept use a glass bottle. this will throw glass shrapnel, so it can do some damage on a human. Do not in any way use this on a person unless you are  AT WAR!!!! So be careful!! **CAUTION** There is no set time for detonation so it is NOT wise to hold in your hand!!!!

Here are a few other things you can do with dry ice: 1. Mix 1 part egg, 1 part paint, 1 part, wipped cream, and fill a two litter bottle with it.  Put about two inches of dry ice in the bottom. Cap it and get creative.

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Funsies with nico-nicotine

Nicotine is a really terrible poison. One drop of pure nicotine has killed in fifteen minutes.  It is great to put a phew drops in an opponent's shot glass and make a bottoms up toast.

Its taste is pretty well covered by wine, especially sweet wine.  It's not so good in drinks that have to be sipped and savored.  Few poisons are.

You can get almost pure nicotine from the kind of snuff that comes in round, flat boxes.  Pour it out into a water glass and put in just enough water to cover it all.

After about 24 hours pour the mess into a handkerchief that has been stuffed down into another glass but with its edges over the rim.  Then lift out the handkerchief and twist the edges so that the snuff forms into a ball.  Continue twisting until all the liquid is squeezed out.

Pour the liquid into a small sauce pan and put it on a low fire.  When the liquid has evaporated to about a teas poon full of thick syrup it is finished . It is best to dilute it with enough water so it will easily leave a medi cine dropper.  A phew drops should do the trick.

A good way to handle nicotine is to will a medicine dropper with it and plug the end with a piece of soft wax which is pushed in and molded around the opening.  The dropper is carried with the wax end up in the shirt pocket and is ready for use in a jiffy. Nicotine is also a good way to commit suicide if you are a prisoner. Just collect a handfull of cigarette butts and strip thje paper from them, if you are a neat person.  Soak them for several hours, if possible, in water. If you are geing watched you can slip them into your coffee.  At the last minute just gulp the whole thing down. Best to do it on an empty stomach. If you keep your mouth shut for a few minutes, even if they pump you out, it will be too late.  Nicotine is an alkaloid so you might get quite a high while you die.

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Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower (This sounds like a hisatsu waza)

For this one, all you need is a car, a sparkplug, ignition wire and a switch. Install the spark plug into the last four or five inches of the tailpipe by drilling a hole that the plug can screw into easily. Attach the wire (this is regular insulated wire) to one side of the switch and to the spark plug. The other side of the switch is attached to the positive terminal on the battery. With the car running, simply hit the switch and watch the flames fly!!! Again be careful that no one is behind you! I have seen some of these flames go 20 feet!!!

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Carbide bomb

Obtain some calcium carbide. This is the stuff that is used in carbide lamps and can be found at nearly any hardware store. Take a few pieces of this stuff (it looks like gravel) and put it in a glass jar with some water. Put a lid on tightly. The carbide will react with the water to produce acetylene carbonate which is similar to the gas used in cutting torches. Eventually the glass with explode from internal pressure. If you leave a burning rag nearby, you will get a nice fireball!

Gunpowder minibomb


1 Empty Matchbox
40 ft. Copper Wire
1 Pair Wireclippers
4 Size "D" Batteries
3 Rolls of Electrical Tape
As many Solar Igniters as you can get your hands on (available at your nearest hobbyshop with model rockets)
Apx. 2-4 Ounces of Gunpowder (instructions to follow for construction)

First off, open the matchbox and fill it half-way with gunpowder. Surround the tip of one of the igniters in a light shroud of toilet paper (very little), soaked in powder. Next lay the igniter in the box so that the igniting tip is in the middle and the two contact wires are extending over the edge. (MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT TOUCHING AS THIS WILL CAUSE A SHORT). Now fill the box to the top and pack it well. Put the cover on the box, making sure not to damage or shift the igniter. Wrap well with at least 25 layers of electrical tape, making damn well sure there are no uncovered spots. It is very important to do this part well and tightly. The igniter wires should still be poking out of the now mummified box. To detonate: Cut the copper wire so that you now have 2 wire of 20 ft. each. strip all four ends (an inch or two from the end). connect copper wires to the solar igniters (one wire for each igniter end). Connect the 4 Batteries using what is left of the tape (or use a lantern Battery). Touch one of the ends of one of the wires to one end of the battery chain. GET AWAY.  Now connect the other end... It is probably to detonate this with an alarm clock or radio signal but hasn't been tested yet. NOTE: It may take 2 or 3 seconds for detonation, do not approach the box... when done properly this will blow up a helluva lot. Powder: 60% Potassium Nitrate (Saltpetre) 30% Charcoal (Crushed VERY Fine) (Carbon) 10% Sublimed Sulphur (or normal Sulphur, available at Wallgreen's)

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Horse shit poison lmao

This is an infectious poison so make sure you haven't any cuts on your hands when preparing the poison.
Ingredients: horse shit (extracted)
human blood (type depends on victim)

You can get horse shit from most anywhere nowadays since there are cops with horses nowadays.  Just walk around where you know horses pass by, and get a small quantity of horse shit. Don't get a lot cause that shit stinks.

Take some horse shit put it in a test tube and put a rubber stopper on top. Once you obtain the horse shit, you must extract the necessary part of the shit.

You must remove all the hay and other garbage in the horse shit.  You can remove the rubber stopper and heat the shit over a light flame.  The shit should start to melt and the junk is extracted out of the shit.

When the shit melts, dump it on some kind of filtering system so you can remove the junk.  Repeat the process until most, if possible, all of the junk is removed. !!! Caution !!! this process stinks up the whole fucking house so do it out side.

When the shit is extracted, you must obtain the human blood.  The type of blood is very important!!! for example...If you want to kill the victim, you must use the blood type which corresponds to the victim: blood type a pos. Needs an a pos. Blood in the poison, and so forth.

If you don't know what the intended victims blood type is, that's okay. You can use other blood types and mix them like transfusions of blood. But the effect of the poison may be delayed or it may not be fatal.  But it should do the trick.

Get the extracted horse shit and mix the shit with the blood.  The proportion of the blood with respect to the shit is 3 to 1, which means for every 1 oz. Of shit, there must be 3 oz. Of blood, and so forth.

Heat the mixture at a very low heat, and the mixture should start bubbling. Try not to inhale the smell.  It's known to cause cancer if you smell it. Do not heat it with a high flame, since the bacteria in the shit and the blood will die and the poison will become useless.

Heat the test tube and stir the content while heating to create a better mixture. When the content starts to change colors from red to brick brown or reddish-brown, then remove the mixture from the flame.  Allow the poison to cool off.

When the poison cools off, then you've just made one of the deadliest poisons around. This is not a type of poison which you can just spill on the victim, nor is it one that you can just put into someones food.  It has to enter the victim's blood streams.  To do that you must use a needle or a knife to rupture the skin in some way in order for the poison to work.

Sauce: Amano Miko

Anti-modem weapon

An effective modem weapon, especially on crossbar phone system. (Will still operate on Ess but you will kill phone service to your prefix for a few hours, and everyone talking will be cut off on your prefix and the one you called)

What is this device? Its a Tesla Coil. The Tesla coil when proprly used will generate literally thousands or volts at very low amperage. (Just the right current to bake silicon chip cookies.)

Settting up
1. Disconnect all phones from your line. Disconnect answering dvices and any data-transmission devices.
2. Run a preliminary test on the coil and disconnect nearby grounded objects. (Lamps Stereos, TV's etc...)
3. Connect one phone that you see fit to subject.(It usually des not destroy phones, (But I have seen them melt off walls.)
4. Connect iron or steel balls to the green and red wires of yor connected phone (these are the line wires that go into the wall.) l1 ad l2 terminals of your phone.
5. Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!)
6. Charge coil to at least 10,000 volts. An ideal setting is arund 18 to 19 thousand, but 10 will jump Bells line surge protectors.
7. Hold metal balls in your left hand. (Make sure they don't toch each other) When the coil is fully charged, clip the steel ball cnnected to the red wire to the base of the tesla coil and hold the other metal ball as far away from the coil as you can.
8. Dial the offending modems number.
9. When connected, move the metal object connected to the gree wire within 2 feet of the coils top. -> Don't be afraid of the little bolts at the top of the coil...
10. Within 3 seconds a huge bolt of lightning will shoot forth t the phone from the hand that you are holding the balls in.

(Hold on tight cause it'll feel like loads of ants!) You will immediatly hear many strange oscilations to the carrier on the phone. The last noise you will hear is a pop! from the phone. (hat is the last cry of agony as it shuts down.) Crossbar just disconnects. Guaranteed to fry the modem, the computer and any peripherals. or anyone who answers the phone! ALL DAMAGE IS UN-REPAIRABLE. including lives!!!

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Aaaand that is it for now!!!!! W-well anon-kun? .////. W-will you overthrow the government through an anarchic method with me? >////<

Also, welcome to the government's watch list!!! Try your best to climb to the very top by being an edgy teenager who just learned the word "anarchy"!

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