Birthday Post, and some update

Birthday Post, and some update
Someday I'll meet the Misaki of my life.


Anyway, today is my birthday and I'll do and say whatever I want. Fuck you.

Been a long time since I last anticipate and celebrate my birthday happily like an innocent kid who believes in Santard Claus. Now I dont really care about my birthday anymore but apparently there are people out there who do and wishes me and celebrate it with me anyway. It goes to show how much caring they are still towards me and I really appreciate that kind of sentiment. I should mark today as a new beginning for myself and better myself for the best if I actually want to change my lifestyle.

Now that the emotional bullshit is out of the way, back to shitpost.

YAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Unlike some of you cursed dame-ningen, I have FRIENDS that actually cares about me. Sure I have no bitches, but I got a super cute gf last month that I found after joining 5000+ coop session on Genshin. Though she dumped me last week probably because I kept asking her for feet and armpit pics. And seggs.

Sauce: Coldcat maybe the real gf was the friends we made along the way....

Upcoming stuff on blogs, if even is true

I can't promise these so just consider them as OSC prophecy or something. That means you have to revere me as a God.

Just some more shitposts, I'm trying to refrain from posting more Genshin because I'm actually losing interest in it. Recently got my hands on Devil May Cry 5, and thinking of getting Elden Ring and Monster Hunter Rise. I know I'm late to the party, I spent all my money on alcohol and drugs ok. So maybe some posts about those games and some anime I'm looking forward to by the end of 2022.

If not, I'll see what else that will irritate me. I'm actually taking the route of insanity and might wake up in an asylum with 砕月 playing on loop in my head. Fucking REDDITORS.

I made a Twitter account too, figured you guys want to shittalk me for my superior opinions. It's in my profile bio, but since the readers here have -5 IQ, this here is the account. I decided to use my old alt where I used to be edgy, but I'm not gonna delete the posts because I'm no pussy. I embrace my edginess.

Also, I'm gonna shill this shitty blog to some random anime conventions and chat groups to diagnose them with autism type O. So if you found this from there, fuck you.

Who the fuck reads these anyway? Who fucking gives a shit what happens to this shithole? I hope the world will plunge into a total state of pandemonium, or even better, Gabu-chan will blow the 7 Trumpets and cast nothing but doom to the forsaken human race.

Sauce: too long I hope Gabu-chan will blow my pp 7 times instead

End my life pls I cant die of overdose I have become one with the cockaine.