Why Raiden Shogun deserves devisioning and demoted into a stinky spermhouse

Why Raiden Shogun deserves devisioning and demoted into a stinky spermhouse
Sauce: Nekomata Nyanko look at this sorry excuse of a leader. 


By the way, I havent been reading the story in Cumcock Shitfart but I do not like the Inazuma archon because she's a huge BITCH and she's the shittiest of them all. Do you seriously think being cute towards me makes me overlook your shitty side??? If that's what you're specialized in then the brothel is a perfect place for you, you FUCKING GRIMACE LOOKING BITCH.

By the way, I am aware that there are multiple entities of the electro archon and who is who, I'm just too lazy to refer to them all properly because they all LITERALLY LOOK THE FUCKING SAME IT'S NOT EVEN RACISM. Makoto is the dead one, Ei is the crybaby, Raiden Shogun is the shitty AI, they are all referred to as Baal because that's their archon name, and Kunikuzushi is the failed puppet shota one. >Literally cried after creation


I dont even know where to fucking start with this. How about the problem in the natural order? Motherfucking Tatarasuna aka Amogus island. The first problem is that it looks like the shitty meme of Among Us. Second is that the place is fucking hazardous, it fucking kills anyone within the vicinity of whatever the fuck is causing it. Electricity lingering in the air 24/7 and you have to fucking fix it because hurr le mc good guy desu. I didn't read the full story because I don't care. Oh remember Yashiori Island? The island where the storm never fucking stops? I dont remember what caused it but Baal is probably the reason behind it, and because of that, that place is uninhabitable anymore. Actually, you know what, over half of fucking Inazuma is uninhabitable and this is all because of their shitty shogun being such an expert at "doing nothing". Want me to talk about the toxicated water areas scattered around Inazuma that can fucking disintegrate living things? Or what about Seirai island next where the place is a potent Chernobyl? And don't get me fucking started on Tsurumi aka the fag island that's related to Seirai lore-wise. How much do you have to fucking mess up until the space-time continuum of that island gets all fucked up like holy shit Ei you really outdid herself on that one. "But Yaku-chan," I hear you smashing your keyboard away like a soyjak typing already, "what does all those have to do with Ei?" Oh I don't fucking know, the fact that it's her fucking country and that she's supposed to take care of it for the prosperity of her people and to respect Makoto's success in developing that country? And not slowly turning it into North Korea? It's like she's trying to see how fucked up the country can be while doing literally nothing.

Yes, she is LITERALLY doing nothing because uhhhh tryna understand eternity yknow what im sayin. Just some shogun stuff amirite. She fucking programmed a shitty AI to control Inazuma in her stead while she's locked away in her own plane of existence that only she herself can open and close. And where does this galaxy-brain decision lead to? Politics of Inazuma being in total chaos. Sakoku Decree, which leads to prejudice towards those who are not locals coming there for God knows what reason, Vision Hunt Decree because only the shogun can do cool elemental tricks, and also free schizophrenia to former vision holders, civil wars between the Kokomi Island and the Tenryou Commission, corrupted politician in the government council, Tri-Commission, to name a few. Holy shit Ei you fucking HORSE FUCKER. DIE IN A FLAME PLEASE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sauce: Lilachology  The amount of slutty fanarts of this cock-blanket proves that Raiden Shogun mains are nothing but horny chimps that can't process complex thoughts like me

But why? Why is Biden Joegun not taking matters into her own 2 cum-stained hands? Because after her sister died, she cant handle it and started sulking in her own room while not doing shit, saying shit like "hmm I need to meditate for a thousand fucking century to understand eternity". Fucking crybaby cant move on to the death of her sister after hundreds of hundreds of years like holy shit move on already. She wont even talk to her retarded pet cat, Yaimi Ko, or anyone else except her puppet and that is only to do a small update. I bet she'll send the entirety of Watatsumi island to the Recycle Bin if her pet bird Sara dieded.

I distinctly remember that there was an approaching storm coming to yeet Inazuma and it was caused due to the programming error in her puppet. If this is true then that means Ei is a horrible fucking programmer because look at how horrible Inazuma is. If she were here right now as a coder, she'll probably learn C++ and then stop halfway to become a street prostitute.

Oh you want me to talk about her personality? Her copy-pasted personality from literally thousands of other waifus where she becomes cute and clueless country girl in front of her dick of choice but when it comes to asserting dominance she goes sicko mode? Yeah nice try but I've seen this kind of sluttery act a thousand times already. She can't even fucking cook a normal meal and people think this is cute. Wait until they get served hazardous chemical substance for dinner and then die of radiation congestion and be like "wow this is just like raiden_shogun_(genshin_impact)'s cooking".

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I guess gameplay-wise shes ok. Broken even and lots of new meta I think. Suddenly half of the population becomes a Raiden Shogun main 3 seconds after her banner appeared. Oh but the weekly boss is fucking horrible lmao. Millions of hp doesnt mean shit if the boss fights like an assed coward. Let me make a comparison with the chad redneck Emiya;

Eleventh Fatui Harbinger boss fight,

>No bullshit gimmick, a man vs man kind of battle
>3 phases as 2 elements, with last one being both elements
>Doesnt matter, bring whatever element you want to fight
>Last phase has a cool mahou shoujo henshin cutscene
>Now youre up against a floating kamen rider
>Has a one hit kill move but it's evadable
>Knows how to evade, but doesnt do it to the point of being a coward
>Only fights it to spar
>"heh that was a good battle"

Puppet Shogun boss "fight",

>Has lots of shitty tricks up her sleeves
>Has only 2 phases
>Teleports around all the fucking time because shes too afraid to face you
>Does this shitty kagebunshin no jutsu to waste your time
>Bring only 2 kinds of elements
>Cryo because youre a scrub that always enter her 2nd phase and you need cryo to dismantle her electro shield
>Electro because you need it if youre greedy about your fried eggs supply
>Also you have to jump around too before her 2nd phase end lmao
>Goes back to her shitty phase 1 once youre done with her 2nd phase
>Has to stand around and do nothing because that 2nd phase was tiring lol
>Rinse and repeat

Like I said, having a shitton of hp doesnt mean shit. Even the battle against Signora was more fun and meaningful than this sorry excuse of a boss battle.

And these are the reasons why Baal is the shittiest character in Fuckbitch Cockcum and why she deserves rape from the bastardest of all ugly. There's probably more that I forgot but I don't have enough time to talk about it because I have to continue masturbating to Rosaria x Little Timmie R18 fanfiction. Also if you disagree with me that means youre either a Raiden Shogun incel main who sold your brain to roll for her or a racist bigot homophobe. Inb4 lorefags comes to correct me "UUMMMMMM NO??? ACKUARDDING 2 TEH WEBCOMIX AND LE ITEM DESCSERIPTION" lol fuck off go self-insert to another softcore vanilla porn of Baal, youre just wasting your time trying to correct me.

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I hope an airplane or a meteorite crashed on me. Kill me pwease TwT.