The Myth of Sisyphus

The Myth of Sisyphus

Ah ahh mic test mic test 1 3 2 one to three ehe. Sex with yokai, yokai with sex so can sex with yokai. The world is not ready for my pi digit IQ geniusness.

Have you ever heard of the myth of Sisyphus? Basically it's about a chad forced to roll a boulder up a hill only for him to bring it back down and then back up, repeat eternally. He gets more jacked as he do this but the boulder will also become bigger and the hill will become hiller. In the end, Pussysus will never get used to the pain of doing this repetitively. Inb4 Greekfags will doxx me to correct me. "UHMMM ACKSHUALLY-" lol go argue with a Norsefag about whose mythology is superior.

Does this mundane task remind you of something? If you say no then you're a normalfag. GACHASHIT! Gachashit is the modern boulder and lolicons who won't stop spamming the crying emoji everytime they see a hint of underaged-looking characters are the modern Sisyphus. I AM A LOLI NOT A LOLICON!!! These gacha players who endlessly and mindlessly grind to become stronger just so they can repeat it over and over again until their heart shut down has an uncanny resemblance to the myth itself. Fate Grand Order, Arknights, Azur Lane, Girls' Frontline, Genshin Impact, Honkers Impact 3rd, more and more the list goes on. Even worse, they force you to steal your mother's credit card just so you can "keep up with the meta" or else you won't be able to push the boulder to the hill faster. Or you can roll for your cute 2D waifu that I will cuck from you uwu.

Sauce: Teppie etto kono rori bijin ga ore no waifu desu uwu. Nawa ga Shitakiri Suzume no Benienma!!! 

Gachashit uses the beauty of cute 2D females and lolis to bait the people into succumbing to this repetitive hell, meanwhile these faggots will slowly lose their braincells will not be able to breed. It is an effective solution to overpopulation, cruel but effective. These insufferable gachacons will use petty excuses to enjoy this torture like "hurr durr the story is great, the musik is awesome, the characters are cool, ehhehe f2p btw, tax evasion is an obligation xddd" SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

GACHASHIT IS A SOCIAL DISEASE! A GATEWAY TO SELF-TORMENT! It appears like the fruit of Eden, tempting the innocent mind to take a small bite. Upon indulging it, the fruit will have a taste emptier than my wallet, nay, most likely even worse, and us the vulnerable sheeple will inevitably get addicted to it due to the sheer amount of waifu material to jack off to. Why doth thou bringeth Hell upon thee, when Earth itself brimmeth with beauties from Heaven?


Reject gacha, but embrace 2D waifus though. Uninstall your Chinese malware. Stop thinking about meta. Don't touch grass, smoke em. JAPAN IS NOT REAL THEYRE CHINA 2.0!!!

Mic test mic test ah ahhhh. Sex miko sex miko sex me? Lolis. Humu humu.