What is Otaku Segs Club I Think

What is Otaku Segs Club I Think

I have no idea. I didn't make this. But now i realize it is the inner thoughts of my demons, at least. 3d pigs are whores and disgusting, yet we crave them. 2d is beautiful and amazing and clean and I love them for like 200 years now, they are the best.

But what is otaku, love of japan by foreign yes? I think so...however, I just love impregnate japan wife. Imagine if the wife japan is marriage? Not possible. I am america jin, piece of shit garbage retard poor. I will never marry, I'm gaining weight, and can only do 3 pull ups and 25 sit ups and 15 pushups....before i could do a lot more...

No girl will marry me, I am balding already at age 25. This is over. This is my life. This is death. Venting.

However, not all is lost. Actually all is lost, all I have left is wife of the 2d and onaholes from japan and anime, and anime has been shit for the last 6 years it's gone from 2 good ones to 1 to 1 every other season. FUCK.


However, segs.


Segs is obtained via monetary means now.

I will obtain the segs from girl female. I will become a man and get man mannerism. I will get fit and get girl pregnant and leave to mexico to meet rei from evengelion.

This is life.

This is  hope.

DO not give up.

Do not give into temptation either. Reese's football choco at walmart 79 cents? DO NOT BUY. iphone 20? DO NOT BUY. Snapchat...DO NOT DOWNLOAD. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO