What the fuck is ASMR

What the fuck is ASMR
suaos: godai01 I actually have no fucking idea who tf is this stupid bitch is lol putting her feet on the mic



Guys I think Guts from the anime Berserk (1990) is literally me. We both are suffering and is against the world except we found sanctuary in lolis. Wheres my own Schielkze. I want my own loli like Shcizelkse thats why I'm still suffering. My irl loli forsake me.

This isnt even a shitpost, this is a legit call for help. Send me a real loli pls

Sous: nisino2222 I think having my own loli is the real answer to all of my life problems 

As you may or may not have know, I have been suffering from a teenie weenie bit of something called midlife existential bipolar schizophrenic disorder that makes me wants to commit "chicken cross the road" on my cute and feminine wrist like a cute Shinjuku menhera loli. Except Japan doesnt exist.

Due to the shortage of sharp objects in my abode, I am unable to commit such perverted task uwu. So instead, I turned to a more cringey form of self-harm, listening to ASMR for comfort. What the fuck is that why does it sound like a shitty government organization that will launder money out of your sorry ass.

So after a quick visit to wikipedia, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, where sounds will try to emit a tingling sensation that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine (wikipedia 20whateverthefuck). Well Ive been on the internet long enough to know that this so-called ASMR has evolved for people to tingle more than just your head ifyknowwuhddaimean euheeuueheehuehuh. Im not even joking lol.

Just look up Genshin ASMR on Youtube and you'll see that there are THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS where people pretend theyre from Genshin Impacts saying shit they dont actually dare saying it irl
Tegurayuki is one of the few good circle where they make females pretend to have sex on a mic lol imagine how miserable your life is to listen to this shit or do this kind of shit for a living lmao

So there are a few amount of people who would seek comfort and pleasure from people huffing and puffing and moaning and masturbating inches from their mic just for the sake of sensory stimulation, including me euheheh. You should try listening to one, it actually made me use the move Harden auhghj. The non-lewd ones meanwhile feels like theyre in this "try not to sound lewd" challenge and fail and ends it while they can before they get demonitize by Youtube-chan. If it aint on YT, there are some cringey people using 2D models or cosplaying with shit they bought on AliExpress for less than 40usd doing and saying weird shit on their mic. This is what entertainment has come to bros. This is what people do for a living, and as a hobby now.

Even the non-lewd ones that are borderline lewd are being produced every seconds now as you read this. People who are living rock bottom will inevitably listen to THIS KIND OF SHIT to escape from the cruel reality that is their LIFE and their ugly FACE, unlike me who is a cute loli uwu.

I believe if I actually try to get in to this industry and buy those stupid 400usd binaural mic, I would actually be able to make a shitton of money and join the 1% of the economy. I sound hot on mic. This is how I sound like irl and if I activate my anime roleplaying voice that I practiced on Discord so I can ask for money from ugly bastards (hehe suckerz).

This is how I sound like except cuter

In case you do NOT know who this child-like loli is, here is her trailer.

Oh my lord she is literally me

Industrialization and its consequences has been a great disaster for the human race - Ted Kaczynski

You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension - Elon Musk Tesla

I am become Death, Destroyer of World, Ender of life and all that breathes - Thomas Shelby

I believe the above quotes are more than enough to describe the current state of them that is us in this current era of modern. This is why we must support nuclear war to happen just like in Fallout and also humans go extinct. Or maybe just reset humanity. That works too. Fuck ASMR.

I kinda wanna be a Kamen Rider thats not racist.

Sos: tatarim39 this is ur reaction reading my tryhard shitpost cringe after months of not posting and quality decline. I will not hesitate to rape you if you actually look like this irl

Have you guys try the new game called Honkai Star Rail? It is yet again made by Xi Jinpeng because Genshin is not enough. I refuse to play another Chinese gacha SHIT right after Genshigh. Maybe Ill write something about that soon. Meanwhile, heres a pic of my favorite character to rape in that shitty honkai.

soaus: some pixiv bastard with a very original name This slut is just Klee but without shoes, awakening the feet fetish in me into erection. Hey Alexa, initiate rape protocol on this little slut and set thrust capacity to maximum.