Why is Xiangling hot?

Why is Xiangling hot?
Sauce: luelue zi oh my god i want to lick xianglig's chinese flavored feet so fukcign bad hghghnnghh

Because her vision is pyro xddd le funny joke :DDDD

For those who lives under a rock, Xi Angling is Xi Jinpeng's relative who is, for reasons beyond me, very attractive and erotic. She may be 14 years old, but the law of Teyvat did not specify any age of consent so it is perfectly fine for me, who is also a minor, to violently fuck her. I think Xiangling is a slut lol. Because she's always outside looking for ingredients and living beings unfortunate enough to be in her Chinese cuisine, she probably smells like sweat, dirt, and Hilichurls' semen. I think Xiangling is the most accurate representation of the citizens of Mainland China because she also cooks and eats anything that breathes. I'm not surprised when Teyvat suddenly gets plagued with a bat virus because of Xiangling's exotic curiosity. "Exotic" sounds like a lewd word, which fits Xiangling perfectly because Xiangling looks lewd but is actually not but probably is because she dresses like a slut.

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Horny aside, I think Xiangling is the best pyro character ever made in the hit mobile video game Genshin Impact 3rd. Her E may be shit, but her Q is actually decently powerful especially if you build her right. Me, I use the 4 set Crimson Witch because I'm a fag for pairing her with the boku boy Xingqiu and I'm a metafag who uses the national team. She can use almost all weapons, even the recently released one, the purple knife. Btw your a faggot if you use Homa on her xdd. She's also good for rainy season because enemies will be inevitably wet and for some reason they feel twice the amount of pain if you burn them when they're wet.

Imagine, a little child who tries to dethrone Gordon Ramsay starts following a faggot who wants to look for her brother and is forced to fight Poklonskaya who can cbt you with 2 elements, a Japanese NEET who copied Vergil movesets, a giant fat frog who keeps screaming, and Ed Sheeran who became the Hero of Justice. This is child abuse at its finest. Xaingling should stay with me so she can satisfy my insatiable lust for Chinese thighs and sweaty armpits. She will not be allowed in the kitchen because then she would cook my cats and call it the Xue Hua Neko Gohan Tainanmen dinner special. Bad Xiangling BAD XIANGLING!

Sauce: Tyenka7728

Why I like Klee better than Xi Angling.

Sauce: Hina Chan on pixiv

Because she's cute and funny and she's not Chinese uuuoooooohhhhhh.