>Watching Kamen Rider as an adult

>Watching Kamen Rider as an adult
Sauce: Pakotaroh is this a masked rider? no she izu a sex rider

I have been playing a bit too much FGO and GBF these days and I havent gone outside for a very long time and Ive been eating nothing but cocks I mean cocaine and instant ramen once a day and Im starting to lose mY FUKGING MIND AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ALL MY UNI FRIENDS ARE LEAVING ME ONE BY ONE THEYVE SEEN MY DEGENERACY THEY KNOW I WANT TO PHYSICLALY VIOLATE A CUTE AND FUNNY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

omg a cute loli .////.

Sauce: Suryua miyu is my emergency go-to whenever i want to cum so bad and if illya is busy getting raped

One upon a loli, a very non-sussy internet friend of mine with a nazi waifu pfp I met in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game known as Phantasy Star 2 Neo Genesis Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Diamond is Unbreakable The Sequel Game of the Year Edition told me about the coolness of Masked Rider, also more commonly referred to as Kamen Rider. Apparently they use a very heavy belt to henshin (?????) except they wear some very edgy sets of armor after a very budget-heavy cutscene that caused the animator to wish they were committing murder to themselves and also I cant stop thinking of lolis. This continues for like 3 fucking decades except with different concepts every time holy fucking shite.

I have heard of this "cum in rider" before and needless to say I was fallen to love at first sight because it's cool and edgy, just like my dick when a mesugaki teases it. Much to my ignorance, horror befall as I come to learn the true nature of this series of series. Just like the characters itself, the show is masked with cool and edgy but what is actually inside is just your typical shounen bullshit. Ok maybe not all since there's Amazon and Black RX (yes I'm an actual KR fan stfu) but still the majority ones are just a bunch of shounen bs. POWER OF FAMILY POWER OF FRIENDSHIP and some other shounen mc bullshite throughout the whole fucking thing for 30 fucking years jesus christ. This means that there is an active fanbase around this show. It wouldn't be surprising if the fanbase was just a bunch of brats who deserves a kick to their guts but no, it's a bunch of fucking neckbeard manchild with a questionable body pillow that smells like the amalgamation of all possible human fluids.

Sauce: Kaneko Naoya Kamen Rider more like cum in her then rider her oh my seggs 

ITAI NANI THE FUCKING DEAL WITH THESE INSUFFERABLE MANCHILD TO BE DEDICATED TO THIS SERIES SO MUCH HUUUUHHH?!?!? Can't let go of the past so they just stick to this shite until they suddenly die due to social anxiety? Is it because the show is filled with underaged looking female characters for them to fantasize to every night? Is this why all of their rooms smells like shidd and cum? Either way I have to agree that these show really does have cute humans but unfortunately they are female and also I'm not gay.

What's so fuckign great about a bunch of men arguing about what's right or what's wrong and then proceed to give scoliosis to the animators behind every henshin cutscene? It's just a bunch of kpop soyboys talking about power this power that and then proceed to fight in a suit of latex for like 5 fucking minutes. It's probably these guys' fault the latex fetish and the toku fetish exists on the internet oh god jesus christ holy shite.

I advice you to never EVER talk to a cumming rider fags, or just tokufags in general, and also dont EVER get into this shite. Next thing you know they'll tell you a thousand fucking reasons why this shite is better than Boku no Pico Academia. What's the fucking difference? One is in a bunch of latex with plastics stapled on it, the other is animated by some underpaid animators who forgot how to sleep and eat like a normal human. This definitely not sussypicious friend of mine that added me on Dicskord hasn't stopped dumping his stinky cum and ride lore on me to this very fucking day. Is it because I'm a loli? He is making me very uncomfortable and the block and report buttons are broken.

Sauce: Cycloneactionx how would it feel to stick my dick into that crazy bitch when she henshin? I ran out of shitty kamen rider female jokes .w.

I wish I was a Kamen Rider so I can solve all my problems with biotechnology engineering and authorized domestic violence in the public with the help of armored exoskeleton. Dont ask me what I mean I dont think at all. The only thing in my brain right now is Iruya and her stupid idiotic face begging to get rape corrected.

Illya rape.