The Human Race Should Be Eradicated.

The Human Race Should Be Eradicated.
Sauce: Kabochima

The human race was a mistake. This is true because Eve was the one who started all this, who is a female. Females opinions and decisions are overrated and 90% of the time are wrong. This is why I don't have a gf, because they are overrated. Not because I keep getting rejected because I won't stop talking about why Barack Obama is canonically a homosexual. Look at where the human civilization has brought us. Egirls, TikTok, Reddits, image boards culture, anime, vtubers, the gay people with more genders than the current money in my wallet, taxes, abstract "art", anime, video games, democracy, capitalism, anime, niggers, memes, religions, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME, ANIME REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ANIME IS THE WORST MISTAKE OF THEM ALL (other than gay people with their Pokemon genders). Senator Armstrong was right, Hideous Kojingles is the only forgivable Korean.

Sauce: Yosei Bin Makima is a whoreslut her devil fruit is Belle Dolphin

The world in its current state is corrupted at least. The minds of the newer generations are constantly corrupted with the internet, including anime, Xi Jinpeng's most powerful psychological weapon. Meanwhile the generations before them are constantly in Joji mode, sad and depressed. At least 99% of teenagers these days are always in the mood to jump of a skyscrapers and do a 360. And who are the cause for this? FEMALES! Whomstve else if it's not them? And the females are always in the mood to take a sexy bath with a toaster because someone said something mean to them. These generations are the weakest and frailest kinds of people ever, I'd be surprise if we won a war against the Islamic State in a Holy War. Me I'm never sad and depressed because I'm a cute happy-go-lucky loli who always take my daily happiness powder prescripted by my Mexican bro.


ANIME WAS A MISTAKE!!!! It used to be a fun little retarded niche that I can be cringy about by pretending that I'm half Japanese who speaks Latin. Now literally everyone watches anime. Go ask your mother if she watches anime and she'll probably say mmmm yes World War II was my favorite anime back then. Everyone I met watches anime and they're enjoying it the wrong way for the wrong reason. Now I'm no longer an anime fan.... I am now a Rushian fan and my favorite anime is Ukraine lost. Anime should be illegal. I like 750 characters with interesting lore who are all coincidentally lolis and suddenly I'm a pedophile? Some egirls liked 9000 characters who are below the age of consent yet they are "normal". What is this shit

Sauce: Hana Mori this is Putin 

When will vtubers be illegal? They are just thots streaming under the guise of an anime waifu. They roleplay as a cringy 2D Chinese so they can vacuum our money out of our pocket and without any seggs to return. I superchat 3$ to my oshi who is a loli and she didn't even bothered to fulfill my request of removing my virginity. This proves that they are all the same as those whore Twitch streamers Tyler1. Fucking fgemales FUCKIGN FEMALES REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I will now proceed to masturbate to a doujin of Illyasviel Von Einzbern getting furiously raped and cucked by some random ugly bastard of which I will self-insert as.

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