irl lolis should be executed publicly

irl lolis should be executed publicly

Uhhhh first and foremost, I am sorry for lack of update. I have been busy getting bitches on my dick. Just kidding lawl I've been on 原神 looking for egirls to coop with to ask for their Discord so I can get my daily dose of female interactions so I won't become a seasonal rapist.

Returning to the matter at cock, 2D lolis and irl lolis are not the same. It doesn't matter what age they are, death to them is a must. Yes, this also includes little children but I willn't talk about that because everyone hates little children and we all know why.

Irl lolis are just normal females except they are blessed with cute small bodies that won't be able to withstand my ginormous loli cock. And because they have the brain of a female, they will use this to their advantage to gain attention because females cannot function like a normal human without attention. They still don't function like a normal human afterwards because they are a mistake. Why would you made them, God?

Sauce: this guy, im not gonna spell his name ONORE HANAZONO YURINE!!! NEED RAPE CORRECTION!!!

Go on to any social media websites and look hard enough and you should be able to find a bunch of attention-seeking Asian whores but with the body of a little and rape. They have more layers of makeup than Hell, and I bet my 3.53$ they are all trying to be menhera and talk like one. They look like they just took a bath in some nuclear waste pool and came out looking like a fuckable African that aren't black because not even God knows how female works. Some even look like they're in dire need of nutrients because holy shit man they look pale and skinny as fuck. This is a trend in Japan called Gothic Lolita or as they call it, gosurori (ゴスロリ). I followed about 200 of them on Instagram and they all are like this. Why? WHY?? WHYYY?????

Yes, they look cute.

Yes, they make my dick angry.

Yes, I dm'd them.

Yes, they ignored me.

See? What be the use of being a maiden revered by the masses solely because of her beauty, if her beauty share not with my cockalenous? Tis because she be a model? Blasphemy! Copy not the deities and their beauties lest you wish for damnation! Their beauties are that of heresy and lust however.

Sauce: Sabamen Pocky game is a spit towards the God. Never partake

IRL LOLIS THINKS THE SAME AS NORMAL FEMALE. You say hi and they say something like "fwueeehh~ omae wa roricon desu yo ne?~". I do not speak Genshin Impact but I think she was disgusted. Irl lolis does NOT act like anime lolis. They will not care for you, if they do, it is only for a short time so she can have people to fuel for her attention need. They will not become like in anime where they become cute and flustered and stupid and thus becoming cute. They will only act stupid in a stupid way trying to look cute but ended up looking like a punching material. They will NOT nurse you when you're sick, they will NOT have the knowledge of a chicken, they will NOT cry over stupid little things, they will NOT have a mesugaki irl except ugly prostitutes, they will NOT call you their big brother just because you take care of them, THEY CAN NEVER REPLICATE THE TRUE LOLI AUTISM LIKE IN ANIME. They are too busy looking at gay porn on their phone thinking about doing the Through The Fire and The Flames solo on their puffy coin slot that smells like blood. Like 90% of them probably don't know how to use a spatula.

For some goddamn fucking reason, their bf are uglier than me and that is one thing I cannot comprehend. They look like the typical fat bastard otaku that won't stop talking about gacha games. Is it because they have money? WHAT DO THEY HAVE THAT I DON'T I LOOK BETTER THAN THOSE UGLY FAT BASTARDS

Sauce: Watanabe Akio I think dude is an anime illustrator THIS IS A KANPEKI RORI UUUOOHHHHHH PERPEROERPORERPOERPEOR 

Hence, why females that possess a petite and childlike appearance must undergo, and by law that should exist too, a public execution, preferably a decapitation. They are a downgrade to our genes and must not be allowed to breed. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

I will now proceed to play Shingen Pactim to get my daily dose of female interaction.