Kitagawa Marin more like Kitagawa Cringe

Kitagawa Marin more like Kitagawa Cringe
Sauce: Sukegawa Hirohiko

Note: I haven't and will never watch this anime.

Kitagawa Marin is an anime about a normalfag slut whore bitch who got into the otaku culture after she lusts for 2D seggs anime visual novels. The anime reminds me of anime club cringe compilation except more lewd and wholesome. The main character who is a bishoujo slut Marin stole the name from the infamous hag Hololive vtuber Senchou Marin who is also horny all the time. Why are females like this? Does being horny help them garner more fans who are also horny all the time? Do they sound cute when they say "I want a pair of giant nigger cock to enlarge my salmon coin slot through violent nonconsensual means"? No, but this tricks the virgin incels such as myself to think that we may have a chance at impregnating them because both party shares the feeling of wanting their genitals to be extremely wet. Females will use their sexuality to bait the males to do whatever the fuck they want. It's not obvious but it is in their nature to tame the males into their submission, and it is in our nature to cripple their waist with our furious pounding so that they will learn their place.

Sauce: 122pxsheol her luscios appearance makes you want to fuck her however she is a grandma irl
Sauce: rororo Marin is a typical gyaru cumdumpster made for rape by a pack of ugly bastards

Going back to the matter at hands, Kitagawa Marinated is the same. She is into cosplay because she enjoys getting attention from basement dwellers and hopeless weebs. Anything else she said are nothing but lies. This is peak female instinct. However, she is a female and females are inferior to males when it comes to physical labor, that includes sewing. Upon finding out about beta cuck Gojo and his superior sewing skill, she uses her female charm to use him and help her collect internet points on Twitter through cosplaying (cringe). Half of the series is just Marin being half naked in front of Gojo on purpose to keep him hypnotized so he will kneel in front of her.

The anime in itself is shit. Other than the aforementioned, it follows the same formula as other mainstream romcom animes. Super cute super popular girl starts showing interest in the edgy lonely mc and suddenly mc becomes popular and at the end of the series, confession ensues and they live happily ever after, just like 500 other seasonal romcom animes for the past 20 years. Numerous seggs followed after. Why won't cute females approach me? I'm also edgy and lonely irl. I am an ideal mating partner material in the 2D world.

Give this shit like a year and everyone will forget about the Kitagawa Slut and will move on to the next seasonal romcom waifuck with the same formula which they will jerk off continuously while self-inserting as the mc having a wholesome protected sex. As a more based individual, I self-insert as a bulldog with a Tesla branded red rocket that will rape her while injecting generations worth of my lineage into her while she convulses in a mix of pleasure and agony.

Sauce: Gengetsu Aya oh mein fuherer jujus tight cunny is the only reason this show is good please let me cripple her with my gorilla-tier transcended mating press News Straits Time jfc

After watching half of one episode of this original Disney+ series, I give this a rating of -10/10 because it's too unrealistic. I sold my kidney to the Cambodian black market to subscribe months worth of the subscription and I get shits like this smh. Entertainment these days are all the same. We need more movies like Le Samouraï (1967).