I am Shakespeare

I am Shakespeare
Sauce: Tanabe (Fueisei) dashi dashi naka dashi~~~

I have written a poem. Just kidding I didn't, but what you read will be thought up on the spot.


Yanxing, O Yanxing,
My phallus be dry, for you to suck you have not.
Forever moreso, it feeleth be that.
Yet only a fraction of the clock, hath it passeth.
For I to call thine name, why doth only silence replieth?
Thus I remembereth,
Thine existence to be non.
Whomst've shall ever suckle my cock?
If it not thou, then mine self shalt fill the deed.
Sapien I am, but sexual I am not.
Thus I asketh, whomst've be in Hell?
Is Yanxing?

Sauce: Hanasaki Arumu Maybe this is Yanxing?


From afar I heark,
O Ivan! Halt thine cruelty!
Cease thine cockatrice!
Ivan stop not.
Faggot he may be,
Friend he is not.

Saucve: Akitokage Ivan I told you to fucking stop

Fucking What

Ten mountains.
It shall take ten mountains.
The greatest hikers, the stupendous climbers.
Ten mountains.
It shall cost such to them,

Seven seas.
There are seven seas.
The perilous weather, the cruel mistress of the storm.
Seven seas, it has all.

Thousands of generations.
Uncountable civilizations.
Us humans survived through it all.
Plague, catastrophe, women, Judas,

9 months.
it took 9 months.
To give birth to a crude animal.

Suace: Koucha (Sr4Ez) Me irl

What the fuck did I wrote? Fucking CRINGE literature nigger wannabe.

Saws: Takamura Kazuhiro Me after writing those