Ok imagine this waifu is talking to you (wholesome)

Ok imagine this waifu is talking to you (wholesome)
Sauce: Sunhm

Ara, shikikan masta-sensei  desuu! What brings you here today desu??? Araa~ Don't tell me you miss little old me? Hai hai~ Come here rest your head on my lap, u've done a good job today desu. Oshimai oshimai~ :333333

you rest your head on her lap and sharted a bit because this is the first time it happened to you

Oya oya, did you just cum a bit? Ufufu I guess my thighs are just that good desu~ Diejobu desu, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Is there anything you want to talk about with your big sister desu? It's ok, you can tell me anything desu.

You told her that youre sick of being called a pedophile just because all the people you like are little children and got caught trying to kidnap one and you also told her about how you didnt get the SSSSSR loli character after spending 60000$.

Oyaa? Are you by any chance a pedophairu, sensei-sama?? Yurusanai desu yoo desu. It's ok, as your loyal waifu, I forgive you desu. Chotto matte desu

she farted, no wait she took a huge wet shit holy shit

Uwaaa gomenasai shikikan-sama desu~~ I may have cum a bit from my boypussy. uwu

Jesus Christ shes a boy. Upon finding out you take out your M1911 and load it

Wait I was just joking don't shoo- BANG

Nanchatte I'm immortal desu yooo~ Naughty shikikan needs rape correction punishment desu~

And then she seggs you until you died.

The end I hope someone end my fucking life jesus christ dude just fucking kill me already holy shit

Sauce: Yakihebi