Zeta (Eli) x Beatrix NSFW Fanfiction Part 1

Zeta (Eli) x Beatrix NSFW Fanfiction Part 1
Sauce: Shimatani Azu

I wrote this out of boredom. It's about my friend Eli in his waifu's body. Please kill me in the most cruelest way possible k thx uwu.

Maybe it was a dream, maybe it wasn't.  It all felt too real. It was either an answer to my prayer or just another one of God's horrible attempt at joke.

"What's gotten into you, Zeta?"

A somehow boisterous yet feminine voice asked me.

"Uh hahaha don't worry about it."

I answered back, in a voice that I'm sure isn't mine.

"Man, you've been acting all weird ever since you woke up."

"Well I guess all those farming really took a lot from me."


Yes, it is now Guild War. Though, I didnt expect it to be like this when I woke up. Yesterday, I was rotting in front of my PC while farming endlessly in the game Granblue Fantasy. Next thing I know, I woke up in an unfamiliar place greeted by a familiar face.

"Come on, Zeta! We're going on a mission today, remember?"

I myself find it hard to believe but to wake up in the body of Zeta, my favorite unit from the game, is something that would happen in a shitty anime.

"Bea, you go ahead. I'll prepare for myself first."

"Jeez fine. But don't be late now!"

Now with her out of the way, I decided to give myself some time to see if what really happened were truly real or not. Unable to suppress my masculine curiosity, I quickly undress the top pajama that I was wearing to take a look at Zeta's bare torso.

I know she has some big breasts but,

"I didnt expect them to be THIS big..."

Sauce: Tekkai Blade

I guess it's all about perspective, huh. I tried to fondle my own, or should I say, Zeta's breast to get a more 'feel' out of it.

A slow circular motion takes over both of my hands as I gently hold while sometimes squeezing in-between every rounds.


Slowly, heat starts to rise up in my body. Maybe it's because of my masculine instinct upon seeing a bare naked of the woman I love or because of how I'm fondling my breast, but the feeling of arousal slowly started to build up in me.

As my perversion grows, I instinctively used one of my fingers to touch my nipples.

"Nn..! Hahh...!"

It felt like a sudden thunder of pleasure surged through my body as I witnessed the mirror reflecting a beautiful figure of the woman I love showed the expression of arousal.

"Maybe... it'll feel good... down there too..."

I slid my right hand down past my pajama pants and my panties into the crevice of my sopping wet vagina.

Signaling the entrance of my middle finger past the vulva, another wave of pleasure went through my whole body once again. The sudden burst of excitement made me forgot to question the sensitivity of a female's body.

After my finger made its way into the lower part of my body, I started moving it like a piston repeatedly while maintaining the movement on my left hand of fondling my breast. It's as if each and every movement I made were driven by lust and instinct.

"Hahh... haaahhh... shoo goood...."

Unable to maintain my speech and my posture, I slowly sit down by the wall while still keeping the movements from both of my hands. As I felt like pleasure started to take over my body, as if something was gonna come out, I started digging my lower part faster accompanied by my pants that grows more rapid and loud.

"I'm about to cum...! This is iiiitt..!"

Sauce: Tian You

Just when an explosion of perversed emotion were about to happen, I was disrupted.

"Zeta! Are you okay?!"

The door to my room bursts open and in comes Beatrix.

"Zeta?! What.... are you doing?"

"Beaaa-chann... I'm sowwie..."

Not knowing how to react, I was only able to apologize to her. To my surprise, she respond in a way I didnt expect her to.

"It's okay, Zeta. I understand."

She responded in a more calm voice, closing and locking the door behind her.

"I told danchou that you weren't feeling good so I have to stay to nurse you. Fuhuhu~ I knew something wasn't right when you woke up."

As she told me, she strips herself off of her clothes one by one, slowly revealing her voluptuous figure upon me.

"There there, let me be the one to satisfy your carnal desire. Ne? Zeta-chan."

Sauce: Hanarito

That's it, I may or may not continue it. That's about it. End of Part 1. Kill me please I want to die and be isekai'd as Beatrix so I can yurifuck the living shit out of Zeta.