Zeta (Eli) x Beatrix NSFW Fanfiction Part 2

Zeta (Eli) x Beatrix NSFW Fanfiction Part 2
Sauce: Youmicitrustea

This is it, part 2. This is what I'm willing to do to get free shit, writing cringy ass ero-fanfic so I can get Elden Ring as a gift. I'm at the lowest point of my life right now and I couldn't ask more for someone to bludgeon me with a big nailed club to death right now.

I can't and don't want to type the <3 emote thing. I wish there was a medication for cringe.

Sauce: miso I like this pic of Zeta so I'm just gonna put this here

"Hahh.... ahh, Bea I love you...."
"I love you too, Zeta.... hnn..."

It has been a few minutes since we got dismissed by danchou from a mission, and we have spent the last few hours doing nothing but making sweet love, as both of our tongues dances slowly with each other bathed in the mix of our saliva.

"B-Bea... I want you..."

Words that I uttered were conveyed from my emotions that I felt for her that time. I wanted nothing more but her embrace, her body, her everything.

"Me too, Zeta... I want you too..."

As she said so, her naked torso started caressing mine which sent shivers of pleasures through my entirety, in which I reply by sending my only mean to taste down deeper into her mouth as I embraced her and pull her closer to me. Her tongue welcomed me and instantly started dancing even more so while her whole body can only slightly shiver in excitement.

"Hnn.... chu... Fuahh.... Ahn~"

Lewd sounds started growing louder and louder from both of us, as we each moan into each other while drowning in this pure bliss that I wished would last an eternity. Saliva started leaking out from the charade of our intertwined tongues and it fell unto our lovely bosoms.

My right hand started molesting her from her ample bottom and slowly moves unto her thigh, which upon I noticed a small scar.

"Bea-chan, wait.... what is this scar?"
"Oh that?"

we both took a breather from our moments to talk about what I had found on her body.

"That... I got that when we were fighting the Otherworlds away the other day..."
"Geez, you should be more careful about yourself!"
"*slight giggle*(idk how to type the sfx fuck you) sorry bout that."
"Stop trying to show off so much..."
"Oh you worry too much, Zeta."

Sauce: michigan

Having said that, she pushed me off on to the bed while she moved her head unto the inbetweens of my thighs. I wasn't fully aware of what was happening. Before I know it, it didn't take long for her to quickly engage and indulge herself upon me.

"Bea-chan, wait! You're going too faaa-aahhh.... nhaahh..."

The way she moved her tongue in my coin slot were more intense than when she was dancing with my tongue. She wasn't aggressive enough nor was she too gentle for me to fall asleep. It was just right for her to slowly drown me more into pleasure.

The way it keeps moving in a motion enough to push the waves of carnal desire through my entire body with every lap was like a small rapid push to make me explode, yet held back altogether because of how she slows down after every few laps.

"Ahh.... Th-this is baa-ahhhnn... ahh, Bea-chan, this feels shooo goooodd..."

As the lewd noises coming from her burns my body into pleasure, my uncontrollable moans filled the room. Clenching the bed while gently holding Bea on her head, there is nothing more that I can think of except the burning sensation that won't cease coming from between my legs. It felt too good, I started to give in to the pleasure.

It was during this that I felt like my hips were about to move on its own. Such a cliched thing from a H-doujin, yet now I know why. It was at this moment that I slowly learn more and more on how females usually experience pleasure. How the pleasure of having an intimate moment with their loved ones can banish them from logical thinking and into the world of nothing but sexual pleasure.

I slowly forget who I originally was and just follow this sweet flow of sexual fulfillment that courses through the body of the girl I loved so much, the body that I was borrowing for the sake of this satisfaction.

Go find the sauce yourself

"A-ah... Hey, don't you think... you're a bit too rough?"
"I love the taste of my cute Zeta, so let's not hold back altogether, okay?"
"I might just... cum quickly... Nnhh..."

Both my legs moved uncontrollably as if their movements are in response to the insurmountable fires that burns the entirety of my body. As if trying to keep up, Bea started being more aggressive than before. That was the point where I lost all rational thoughts and can only think of wanting more and more until I unleash Erythron.

"Aahhh~ Bea-chan is so deep in meee... I can feel you.. with every inch of my body.."
"Me too... I can taste... ahh every aspect of you. Hnnn~"

Maybe because I was too deep into my own sea of excitement, but it was then that I noticed that Bea was also giving herself the excitement treatment with her own fingers while holding onto my leg with her other hand.

"Look at how messy we got, Bea-chan."
"I adore that, Zeta-chan! Your moan is making me cum! Your smell! Your taste! Hahhnn.. I'm about to...!"

Lewd slurping noises contaminated the air around accompanied by my moans that gradually got louder and more lewder before I can even realize about it.

"I-if you keep saying that, then I...! I might just cum too! Haa, haannnn...."

There were no holding back. Neither of us were holding back. While she was giving both me and herself as many carnal pleasure as possible, I just embrace all the euphoric sensation that embodied me the whole time while locking Bea onto me with my legs. It felt as if I was literally drowning in pleasure. I wasn't able to control myself even.  

"Together, let's cum together, Bea-chan!"
"Zeta-chan... No more.. hnnn"

As this female body of mine swims in the now ocean of pleasure blessed by Bea, I feel myself slowly reaching the climax of this satisfactory intimacy. The rapid increase in the aggressiveness of Bea too is a sign that she will soon let everything out.

"Bea-chan...! I'm gonna cum, okay? It's fine, right? It's fine if I cum on you, right?"
"I'm about to cum too, Zeta. Hahnn, I'm seriously about to cum now!"
"I'll give you lots and lots, Bea-chan. I'll make sure to give you a lot of my juice~"
"Do it, give me all of it!"

As my body quickly repositioned into doing the bridge pose in response to the ultimate release, I recreated the entire beauties of Niagara Falls to Bea while she has to bear with it in close range, all while her entire body convulses in pleasure. It felt as if my brain too was having a procreation in extreme pleasure. I did nothing but surrender entirely to the contentment that enveloped my entirety and enjoyed the bliss all the while.

It didn't take long for both of us to quickly stain the bed with both of our juices that we have built up until now. Both of us can only pant in tiredness seeing how intense our workout was.

"Bea-chan.... I love you, Bea-chan..."
"I love you too, Zeta-chan..."

We could only express our love for each other, our deep love for each other despite me not really being who I supposed was to be. Maybe this was a blessing, or maybe this was a curse.

"Zeta-chan... Come here.."

Bea came up to me and started hugging me while bathed in my love juices. Seeing how cute she just is, I return the favor and hug her back.

Blessing or a curse, either way this was a good time for me.

Sauce: this guy

I actually got hard while writing this lol. Also I rushed the ending because I wanted to go masturbate.

btw, seggs.

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